Webinar ANDAF

A new year that opens the door to the best future

We are happy to invite you to the greeting toast for the New Year. This year on a web platform: an opportunity to overcome distances and widen the boundaries of our relationships.

We will be in the company of Giancarlo Veltroni, Guia del Buono, Paola D’Angelo, Cesare Bassoli, representing the Lombardy, Tuscany, Marche and Emilia-Romagna Sections, to share the good wishes and opportunities of the new year.

Rivolgeremo l’attenzione al futuro: in particolare all’evoluzione del ruolo del CFO e agli scenari che ci attendono. Giancarlo Veltroni and Giuseppe PaglioneDirector of Intesa San PaoloEmilia Business Area will guide us, who will present the emerging evidence from outlook 2021 published by the Research and Studies Directorate.

To start, with the New Year, to build a better future.

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