Virtual Kick Off Tinexta Cyber

? The first corporate Virtual Kick Off forTinexta Cyber
For this event we have created the direction lineup, agreed on the contents with the participants, created the graphics, sound logoand sound branding.
For the realization of the interviews and the editing of the videos that were included in the event, Laca Del Sole ofCorvallis srl. For the physical part we relied on an external company in Milan and for the streaming we used our Zoom platform connected to live direction with 700 people connected.

They participated in the live broadcast:

  • Marco Comastri
  • Marco Ramilli
  • Enrico Del Sole
  • Pierguido Iezzi
  • Daniele Melato
  • Enrico Tasquier

During the broadcast, the management of Corvallis srl, Yoroi e Swascan

? An interesting workshop led by Arturo Di Corinto

PRIVATE webinar

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