Webinar Manufacturing ETO

On November 24th he participates in the webinar "Manufacturing ETO - Oracle Primavera Cloud nell'Engineering to Order" organized by Corvallis SpA in collaboration with Oracle

Webinar Assoconfidi

The following topics will be covered during the webinar: The registration of the Trusts in the List of Minor Trusts: the framework. Reflections on the opportunities arising from the registration [...]

Webinar ANDAF

Webinar with Giancarlo Veltroni, President of ANDAF Section Lombardy meets Francesca Del Nero, Founder and CEO School for Dreamers - school of management

Webinar Woh

Corvallis SpA General Manager Daniele Melato wants to invite colleagues to a meeting dedicated to the WOH project - Working at home

Webinar ANDAF

In a highly competitive global market where change, at all levels, is constantly happening at an ever-increasing pace. Businesses and managers face an unprecedented level of uncertainty and [...]