SEO/SEM and Social Media

Visibility on the web
and Social Media

We create and manage projects that use social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, YouTube, Pinterest, Myspace and Instagram
promote and spread the brand and increase/engage followers.

We choose the social media that is the most suitable to the type of business and to our customers goals. .

We customize social pages with logos, visual graphics, banners, backgrounds and colors.

We create SEM campaigns through the setup and monitoring of sponsored campaigns, such as Google AdWords or Genome for Yahoo!

We create paid and free banners.

We create newsletters with customer loyalty service and customized graphics; we provide DEM service.

We manage SEO positioning, monitor our customers’ web pages and report periodically on brand reputation,
we record and refresh periodically on more than 200 search engines.

We optimize websites to make it easier for spiders to index search engines.

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